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Phil Minnaar - Sculpture - Mandela Brons

Sashenka Face - Framed - oil on Canvas

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Everything that I see and feel has an influence on my art. My deepest inspiration lies in the experiences of my own life.

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Art enables me to translate my inner visions into an outer exhibition of my emotions which are transferred through the canvas to the viewer. My fascination with the relationship between man and woman and the human nature of the female psyche resonates in most of my artworks and is therefore my preferred subject matter. More than wealth, our most basic and strongest desire is the experience of intimacy in life. To love and be loved form the basis and imperative ingredient to the beginning of my artworks. Beauty lies eternally in the femininity of all women and through each classical figure I narrate the classic story of the modern woman. Everything that I see and feel has an influence on my art. My deepest inspiration lies in the experiences of my own life. Institution, rules and order- although perhaps necessary in society- have no place in my imagination and therefore I am free and uninhibited at my easel. I am awe-struck by the process of creation; from the blank canvas to the end result to the communication of emotion with the viewer, the journey is constantly satisfying. My personal process is based solely on feeling. I feel what size canvas feels right prior to an idea for the subject matter and from there let vague images in my mind begin to materialise with a strong characteristic of emotion. The tone for the visual aspect of the artwork is set by the emotion I am experiencing at the current time of the creation of the artwork. There is specific message prescribed in my art, thus each person will experience it differently based on their unique experiences of life. I paint what I feel and the reaction of the viewer is completely unconditioned and therefore an authentic personal exploration to the viewer. Authenticity also lies in the fact that I paint in oil with no preparation or planning. Spontaneity is what fuels the honesty in my works. Each artwork I create is a manifestation of my own thoughts and opinions and therefore I can express my vision of the world as truly as possible. The movement and colour in my artworks radiate the intense emotions that I portray. My art is a combination of classical ideals of the female figure meeting a rebellious modern influence and a tenancy to abstraction. I paint to serenade my soul with the music of creation. As much as it is my form of communication to the world, it is my escape from the world. It is my portal into a place free of rules, expectation and routine. When I am at my canvas even time has no relevance. Chronology 2012 - Artworks displayed at Melrose Arch - First private solo exhibition - Commissions for the film and publication boards' headoffice - Charity auction for a terminally ill cancer patient. Sell out of all the paintings - Painted under the mentorship of Laurens Barnard an internationally accalaimed artist

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